Headshots of the accessibility personas
Six accessibility personas; Olivia, Keith, Colin, Serena, Arturo, and Edith

Accessibility personas in detail

Mark Boyes-Smith
4 min readSep 27, 2020


Alicia Crowther and I have pulled together this resource to illustrate how research personas can be used to create accessible solutions. There are six personas described here, covering challenges with;

  • Effort and complex interactions (Edith)
  • Alternative formats (Arturo)
  • Visual clarity (Colin)
  • Visual contrast (Keith)
  • Offline users (Olivia)
  • Simplicity (Serena)

You can download a PDF of these personas for use with your teams, here.


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Edith — Persona headshot
Edith, who needs easy-to-use experiences that don’t require prolonged or significant effort


Edith represents effort. She finds repetitive and strenuous tasks challenging, especially when they require her to have a good degree of dexterity.

Edith says: “Why do they always put the boxes so close together on forms?”

Could be

  1. Arthritic or Parkinson’s disease
  2. An arm injury
  3. Unstable environment such as a train

Could use

  1. Specialized keyboards
  2. Switches, joystick or trackballs
  3. Speech-to-text


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Larger touch targets
  • Alternatives for drag and drop


  • Precision interactions